Rooftop Garden a Reminder There’s More at the Library Than Just Books

BPL Reopening Green Space With Live Music Just in time for a Day Off School

The Barrie Public Library is welcoming back a green rooftop addition.

Friday marks the grand reopening of the downtown branch’s rooftop garden, after roof reconstruction meant the dismantling of the old one.

A special ceremony welcoming back the rooftop space is planned for Friday afternoon, with live music to cap it off. Sandra Sydor, BPL Community Engagement Manager, tells us live music at the library isn’t a one-time thing either. “Our new garden space does allow us to set up temporary space for individuals to perform.”

Sydor adds you should expect even more than this at the library. “Libraries have transitioned from depositories of books, and racks and shelves of books and quiet environments dedicated to research and study, to community hubs. And in those community hubs, we invite our community to come and participate in any way they pursue their passions.” Several music-based organizations in Barrie have already been tapped to perform live music at the library on a regular basis, while Sydor points out the Barrie Public Library also works in collaboration with the Barrie Emerging Musicians Program, giving young performers a leg up on getting into the industry.

When asked if it frustrates her to hear people think libraries equal books and books alone, Sydor says “It’s only frustrating because there’s only so many hours in the day, and I wish I could connect with more groups. So if there’s a message to get out there, it is to come and occupy your space, which is your library.”

More information on the 2:00pm Rooftop Garden Opening Party can be found on the library’s Facebook page.