RVH Nearly Aces Accreditation Survey

Barrie Hospital Gets Near Perfect Score On Safety and Level of Care Rating

Good news for Royal Victoria Hospital, even better news for its patients.

A recent survey through Accreditation Canada has given the Barrie health centre a score of 99.6% in terms of complying with safety and level of care standards.

While it does represent a near perfect score, Barrie 360 reached out to the hospital’s President and CEO, Janice Skot, to find out what went wrong with that extra 0.4 per cent. “Nothing went wrong at point four per cent. I have never seen a score this high actually, from Accreditation Canada.” says Skot. “In terms of our standards, meeting 99.62% of them, and of course, meeting all our required practices is another important milestone.”

Skot says the organization comes around every four years and is very thorough. “The primary purpose of Accreditation Canada is to measure safety and quality of patient care against a national standard. And so they come in with so many required organizational practices and standards and then they test our compliance with those; they meet with patients and families, staff, physicians, and volunteers.”

There are over 2,700 quality and safety standards the hospital has to meet in order to rank well in the survey.