Samsung and Apple might be adding a new life-saving feature to their smartwatches

If you already own a smartwatch you are already aware of just how many features can be jammed into such a small package. With heart-rate monitors, step-counters, and even sleep sensors, smartwatches are doing more and more for people’s health every day and Samsung and Apple might have a new trick up its sleeve in the form of a built-in glucometer.

While the group that will most obviously benefit from such a feature is diabetics, high or low blood sugar has far-reaching effects for everyone. With recent studies possibly linking high blood sugar to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease to low blood sugar holding some of the blame for stomach aches and migraines, a way to monitor your blood sugar might be more useful to the average joe than you might have thought.

The two companies have only just secured the technology and now they begin the work of implementing it into future products.

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