Mild winter springs an early sap run at Shaw’s Maple Syrup

This is the earliest sap run in the century plus history of the Oro-Medonte business

From the trees to your pancakes, this is the earliest sap run at Shaw’s Maple Syrup in 119 years.

According to owner Tom Shaw, the early start is the result of a “phenomenally” warm February.

“We have all 4,500 trees tapped, and we have gotten a phenomenal amount of sap already,” he explains. “We’ve brought in 37,000 litres of sap and made 820 litres of maple syrup.”

In other words, the trees are tapped out.

Tom Shaw Joined Us To Talk About This Year’s Syrup. Listen To Our Chat

When it comes to the sap run, the Oro-Medonte business owner has said before that Mother Nature can be your best friend or worst enemy.

Certain conditions are needed to make the sap flow.

“We need the freezing nights to stop any flow of sap in the tree, then rapidly warming during the day, and hopefully some sunshine because the sun warms the dark branches even more,” says Shaw. “That creates a surge of sap in the trees.”

Ideally, freezing nights are anything below zero to minus 5, and getting up to a plus 6 or a plus 8 for a warm day.

In a normal winter, Shaw has said the sap really doesn’t start to run until the end of February and lasts until the first few weeks of April.

The early start will not impact operations and people who wish to come out for breakfast and a tour of the grounds are always welcome.

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