Scream trailer welcomes back Ghostface, David Spade and Dana Carvey launch “SNL” podcast, and Snoop Dogg eyes the hot dog business

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Scream trailer welcomes back Ghostface

Twenty-five years after the original Woodsboro murders, Ghostface is back.

The final trailer for “Scream” has dropped.

The latest movie in the saga reunites us with our old favourites, including the unlucky Sidney Prescott,(Neve Campbell) Gale Weathers,(Courtney Cox), and Sheriff Dewey Riley. (David Arquette)

The trio unites when the masked killer, or killers begin terrorizing a new set of Woodsboro residents.

The trailer teases all the old rules to horror movies (don’t ever say I’ll be right back) with plenty of twists in between.

This is the first Scream movie without legendary director Wes Craven who passed away in 2015.

Scream opens in theatres on Friday, January 14. Now I anxiously wait for theatres in Ontario to re-open.

David Spade and Dana Carvey launch “SNL” Podcast

Dana Carvey and David Spade have teamed up for a post-Saturday Night Live Podcast to spill behind-the-scenes stories.

The two former SNL alumni are the hosts of “Fly on the Wall.”

They’ll interview guests, including former cast members, and share memories from their time on the show.

David Spade was a cast member from 1990-1996, bringing us commentaries on weekend updates and characters like the smug airline attendant and smug receptionist.

Carvey was a cast member on the show from 1986-1993, with characters ranging from, The Church Lady, Garth Algar from Wayne’s World, Ross Perot, and George Bush.

”Well, isn’t that special?”

Snoop Dogg eyes the hot dog business

It just makes sense.

Snoop Dogg is getting into the hot dog business by launching his own line of the meat sticks.

If it happens, the 50-year-old rapper plans to call them “Snoop Dogg’s.”

Reports say he’s applied to trademark the term to use for the business venture.

Snoop Dogg previously launched his gin and wine companies, along with his cannabis company called “Leafs by Snoop.”

feature image courtesy of scream trailer via youtube