September was a bit wetter than usual, but not much warmer

Average temperatures noted, along with an increase in precipitation in some areas

While it seems like the weather was pretty unpredictable over the month of September, a review from Environment Canada shows temperatures were, by and large, typical.

The national weather service says there were some fluctuations outside the norm by a degree or four, but temperatures remained consistent with Septembers of the past.

However, some areas, especially across Southern Ontario, saw an increase in precipitation over the month. A slow-moving low-pressure system that made its way across Ontario from September 19 to 23 saw to that.

Looking to October, warmer than normal temperatures are expected for the first half of the month, with indications that the trend could continue into the latter half of the month as well. A low-pressure system is expected to make for a wet first few days of the month, with mainly dry conditions expected beyond that.