Shopping For That First Day Of Junior Kindergarten Is Cheaper Than You Think

When it comes to supplies, your kindie doesn't need much.

With all the excitement and hype around back to school it gets confusing, stressful, and sometimes misleading on what exactly the youngest students need as they enter their schooling career. However, ask around and you’ll find most teachers and parents agree that you don’t need much.

It can be tempting to buy everything on so called “lists” but most of it isn’t needed this early in the game. Amanda Harrison, a kindergarten teacher with the Simcoe County District School Board says the main things kids need is a change of clothes to keep at school, indoor shoes that are easy to put on, lunch box/container, and an appropriate sized backpack .

For lunch boxes, try choosing containers that your child is familiar with and are easy to open. Harrison says “Use what is going to work for your family.” She adds it’s a good idea to have them practice opening their bags and containers in the weeks leading up to school so they get comfortable.

3 year old Isla Conroy is set for school supplies as she starts JK

When it comes to clothes, practicality is most important. Harrison says you don’t have to send them in their best attire because “they’ll be active, they’ll be outside and exploring.” Send them in clothes that are comfortable and that they can get messy.

Last but not least, label everything! Containers, shoes, clothes, water bottles, and backpacks should have your child’s first and last name to avoid items going missing permanently.

As for backpacks, Harrison says try getting one that fits a lunchbox, mail bag and a few other supplies, but try to avoid one that is over-sized. In the end Harrison adds you really don’t have to spend much.