Shopping with a Smart Cart at Sobeys

Scan, weigh and pay without standing in a checkout line

Sobey’s has unveiled Canada’s first smart grocery cart aimed at enhancing the in-store shopping experience with a focus on improving one of the greatest points of customer friction – in-store checkout lineups.

It’s equipped with multiple cameras, a scanner, a scale and a payment system.

Items with a barcode can be scanned by the customer and dropped into the cart. Produce and bulk items, priced according to weight, can be tossed inside the cart, where a scale underneath the basket calculates a price. It resets after each item is added.

“While products and customer eating habits have evolved, the in-store grocery shopping experience has remained relatively static for the last 100 years,” said Mathieu Lacoursiere, Vice President, Retail Support at Sobeys Inc. “This is a unique way for us to test innovative new technologies aimed at enhancing the customer shopping experience and learn how best to make it faster and easier. The carts will also give our in-store teammates more time to interact with customers and answer questions about food and new products.”

Eventually, the cart’s screen will help customers navigate the store to complete a shopping list, highlight promotions and make product suggestions to round out a favourite recipe.

The Smart Cart is being tested at Sobeys’ Glen Abbey store in Oakville.

With the Smart Cart and other initiatives, Sobeys is striving to improve customers’ in-store experiences through the use of innovative new technologies and applications. Research shows that 52 percent of Canadians feel their current in-store shopping experience would significantly improve if they were able to quickly and conveniently navigate the store.

images via Sobeys/CNW