Simcoe County Paramedic Rides Off Into The Sunset With His Son By His Side

Last Day For County Paramedics Paul and Cam

A County of Simcoe paramedic had a pretty special guest riding along with him for his very last shift.

Paul has been a paramedic in the County of Simcoe since the 90’s, and his son Chris even went and followed in his footsteps. “He’s a well respected paramedic in his own right, just like his old man.” said Chief Andrew Robert. “We were very happy to see him joining his dad on his last shift.”

It wasn’t just Paul’s last day, but also that of his partner Cam. “We’re really happy, and proud to have had Paul with us for a number of years, and of course his partner Cam. They have both served this area since the early 90’s and they’ve done so much good work in this area. We’re proud to have worked with them.”