Simpsons and South Park Inspired Street Names Make the Cut, Family Guy Did Not

Evergreen Terrace Added to South End Barrie Development, Spooner Street Axed

Looks like those coming up with street names for Barrie are taking cues from their favourite cartoons.

The City of Barrie on Monday night gave the final nod to a list of street names to be included in developments near Ward 9’s south GO Station. On that list, Evergreen Terrace, the same street name on which Homer and the rest of the Simpsons live. South Park Lane also made the cut.

Also on the list of approved street names: Westwood Avenue, Turnberry Lane, Gateway Drive, Fairlane Avenue, Haven Lane, and Highgate Evenue.

A city-staff provided map shows where these streets will be

Spooner Street, where Peter Griffin and the rest of the Family Guy clan call home, was suggested but did not make the cut. A similar sounding street name in a nearby municipality may make things too confusing for emergency services.