SIU clears OPP after April police chase ended in crash and fractured cheekbone

Chase started in Angus, ended in Minesing

Some local OPP officers have been cleared of culpability after a police chase ended with a fractured cheekbone.

On April 12 around 2 a.m., the OPP was contacted about a pair of suspicious men going through cars along Berwick Crescent in Angus. Police were told the suspects got into a stolen pickup truck and drove off. Officers tracked down the vehicle and began a pursuit shortly after.

The chase continued into Minesing Township before being called off for safety’s sake. Police opted instead to use a spike belt to catch their quarry but never got the chance.

An officer, notified the suspects were heading in her direction, positioned her cruiser on the road to try and stop the vehicle. Instead, it passed her by and lost control while trying to turn from George Johnston Road to Highway 26 in Minesing.

The pickup subsequently struck a traffic light pole. The driver was arrested by police and taken to hospital with an injury to his cheek. The Special Investigations Unit announced Friday that injury was not a result of police action.