SIU Clears Orillia Officers Of Causing Skull Fracture

Man injured in scuffle in detachment lobby

The Special Investigations Unit has cleared Orillia OPP of any wrongdoing in connection the injuries a man suffered after coming in from the cold.

The incident happened January 3rd of last year, the OPP say a 28-year-old man went into the ORillia detachment that evening claiming it was cold and he had nowhere else to go.

Officers ran his name through the system and discovered an arrest warrant out for him, issued by Toronto Police Service. A struggle ensued in the detachment’s lobby when police tried to arrest the suspect, with a taser used in the process.

The man suffered a bloodied nose in the process, but complained he was having a seizure while being handed over to Toronto police. That resulted in a trip to hospital, where he was found to have a small fracture around his eye.

The SIU say police used appropriate force in arresting the man, and have cleared all involved officers of wrongdoing.