Track way more than your dog’s location with this new smart collar

A small price to pay for a healthy pooch!

Fitbits seem to be all the rage these days, and now you can make sure your dog is just as healthy as you are thanks to this new smart collar.

Created by a company called Invoxia and unveiled at (you guessed it) the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, the Smart Collar is the first biometrics health collar for dogs.

Using a new non-invasive monitoring system, the collar doesn’t need to be tight around the dog’s neck and even works if you have a particularly fluffy four-legged friend. It not only tracks heart and respiratory rate, activity, and sleep, but also collects data from your dog to detect odd or unusual behaviours. All of this means the collar can help detect health problems much earlier when they are still treatable.

“For dogs suffering from heart disease, structured home-based care programs that include continuous monitoring of respiratory and heart rate while attending to appetite and ideal body weight are encouraged. A higher than normal resting respiratory rate is one of the most pertinent indicators of impending heart failure, ” Romain Pariaut of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University.

Along with the health dashboard app you can download to monitor everything about your dog, the device also has built-in tracking features. While these features aren’t anything new, it’s always nice to know if your little troublemaker ever escapes the backyard, it will be easy to find them!

One caveat: The collar is currently not available for smaller dogs as the tech can’t be shrunk down. So medium to large dogs only, for now!

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The Invoxia Smart Collar is currently up for pre-order and has an estimated price tag of $99 with GPS features requiring an additional subscription at $12.99 a month.

Featured image: Invoxia via