Sound of gunshots in Orillia may be misleading – OPP

Police say the same volume of calls is reported every year during hunting season

Orillia OPP officers know when hunting season begins. Calls to the detachment spike from citizens hearing gunshots in nearby townships. There have been many calls over the past few days, something police said is normal every year during the fall hunt. Most of the calls come from Severn, Oro-Medonte and Ramara.

OPP said hunting is legal in many areas. Police remind hunters to be aware of their surroundings and abide by the laws and best practices so hunting season is safe, enjoyable and respectful.

Police urge the public to call them if they are concerned about illegal shooting of firearms or feel there is an immediate danger to the public.

If you have questions about hunting season and regulations please visit the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) at and search for their page. Alternatively, you can call the local MNRF office at 705-325-7500 with questions or concerns.