Spring into Clean: ‘Everybody should get involved in keeping Barrie beautiful’ says organizer

4.95 tons of garbage was collected in 2019

Hundreds of corporate and community participants and thousands of students will spring into action as part of Barrie’s Spring into Clean event.

It’s being held over three days beginning on Friday, Apr. 22, and is the first Spring into Clean since 2019 because of the pandemic.

In 2019 the event had over 300 corporate participants, 200 community participants, and participation from over 40 schools with a total of 17,000 students. Participants were able to collect 4.95 tons of garbage.

Thousands of elementary and high school students will mark Earth Day on Apr. 22 by cleaning up their schoolyards and surrounding area.

Community Cleanup Days are Saturday, Apr. 23 and Sunday, Apr. 24.

Spring into Clean Coordinator Daniela Gray says residents were able to register to clean up a local public space such as a neighbourhood park, ravine or trail area.

Participants are provided with special litter collection bags.

“They will be leaving the bags for us to pick up, and we do the collection,” says Gray. “We also weigh it to get an idea of how much we’ve collected this year.”

Corporate Cleanup Days are Apr. 22 to Apr. 24, where registered businesses tidy up parks, trails and ravines near their work location.

Gray says it doesn’t take much to make a big difference.

“I think the takeaway would be that everybody should get involved in keeping Barrie beautiful. Coming out and participating and helping is the perfect way to do that, while also raising levels of environmental awareness and social responsibility.”