Springwater Fire & Emergency Services welcomes first aerial fire truck

News release – the Township of Springwater

Springwater Fire & Emergency Services is proud to announce the arrival of its inaugural aerial fire truck.

The “Pierce Ascendent Aerial Platform,” boasts an impressive height of 110 feet and marks a significant enhancement to the firefighting fleet. It was procured through Commercial Emergency Equipment, headquartered in Woodstock, Ontario, and manufactured by Pierce Manufacturing, located in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Key features of the new aerial platform fire truck include:

  • Seating for six firefighters;
  • A 2,000 gallon per minute fire pump capacity;
  • A 500-gallon onboard water tank;
  • A 20-gallon foam tank;
  • Cutting edge 3-way aerial hands-free communication system for enhanced coordination; and,
  • A remote-control master stream nozzle for effective fire management.

Additionally, the single-axle configuration allows for a tighter turning radius and shorter chassis while providing all the benefits of a tandem-axle truck.

Springwater Township fire truck

Aerial platform fire trucks serve a critical role in enabling firefighters to reach heights exceeding two stories. Furthermore, they allow for a more effective knockdown of fully-involved fires through the deployment of elevated masters streams aimed at the fire. Equally important, they serve as a secure work platform for firefighters involved in ventilation techniques, without the use of ground ladders.

“The acquisition of our first aerial fire truck signifies our unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of our community,” says Jeff Kirk, Fire Chief.  “This state-of-the-art aerial truck will undoubtedly strengthen our firefighting capabilities, reinforcing our ability to respond to a wide range of emergency situations effectively.”

The Aerial Platform was identified through the 10-year Capital Plan and was 100% funded through Development Charges.

Springwater Firefighters have completed their training on the new aerial truck, and it will officially be put into service on Tuesday, October 31, 2023.

Images via the Township of Springwater