Springwater Township takes steps to save lives

A dozen SaveStations being placed around the community

Chances of surviving sudden cardiac arrest in Springwater Township are on the rise.

The township has bought 12 AED SaveStations, using funds raised during the annual Springwater Swing golf tournament.

We’re the first community to make AED’s truly accessible by having them in multiple locations…outside of buildings in the community, parks, libraries.”

– Don Allen, Mayor, Springwater Township

A large percentage of cardiac arrests happen after hours when buildings are closed, meaning that the AEDs become inaccessible. When a cardiac arrest happens, quick access to an AED is critical to ensure the best chance of survival. Every minute without an AED, the chance of survival drops 10 percent. Placing AEDs in outdoor SaveStations will significantly increase the chance of survival by making the devices more accessible, to anyone, at any time.

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The outdoor units will be installed at the following 12 locations in Springwater:

  • Anten Mills Community Centre
  • Doran Park (Tennis Courts) and Doran Park (Baseball Field)
  • Elmvale Community Hall and Elmvale Library
  • Grenfel Community Centre
  • Hillsdale Community Centre
  • Midhurst Community Centre and Midhurst Library
  • Minesing Community Centre
  • Phelpston Rink
  • Tree Nursery Sports Park

Each outdoor SaveStation features a weatherproof AED cabinet that provides real-time feedback on the device’s ready-for-use status as well as a climate-controlled environment and backlighting. Upon cabinet opening, a visual and audible alert will sound, a camera will begin taking photos, and a text message alert system will automatically notify a group of volunteer responders.

NOTE: An official unveiling of the SaveStations will take place during the Anten Mills Family Fun Day event on Saturday, September 7 at 11:45 a.m. at the Anten Mills Community Centre (3985 Horseshoe Valley Road W).

banner image via Springwater Township