Stolen Cat Prompts By-Law Charge Amid Online Firestorm

Police Remind Everyone That Harassment and Making Threats Could be Considered Criminal

A Barrie woman is facing a pair of By-Law charges after a family cat was allegedly caged without food or water.

A video reportedly showing a cat, caged in a backyard in sweltering outdoor heat, caught the ire of social media users recently, magnified by reports the cat was taken from that yard and released in Springwater. Barrie Police say it has explored all avenues and decided the best course of action is to lay charges against a 54-year-old woman under the City’s Animal Control By-Law.

She is accused of Using a Live Trap to Capture a Cat, and Fail to Ensure Cat Is Provided With Food/Water/Shelter While Captured.

Barrie Police says it understands tempers can run hot when investigations involve animals, but the public is reminded that making threats and harassing others, even online, could be considered a criminal act.