Struck again! Transport truck hits wall of Alcona drug store while making a delivery

Second time this month a truck has hit the wall of the pharmacy

Is this a case of bad luck or bad truck?

Maybe both.

For the second this month, South Simcoe Police say a transport truck making a delivery struck a wall at an Alcona drug store.

Image provided: South Simcoe Police

This happened around 10:30 on Tuesday morning. There were about 40 people inside the pharmacy. The store was evacuated and there were no injuries.

Image provided: South Simcoe Police

Damage is pegged at $100,000. Engineers will be on site Wednesday to determine if the store can reopen while the structure is repaired.

Image provided: South Simcoe Police

The South Simcoe Police on Wednesday pointed to driver inexperience and parking lot conditions as contributors to the crash.