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Stumbled is a collection of curated sites that are interesting, weird, or astonishing. All sites are manually approved, so there are no low-effort or clickbait posts to sift through, only fun websites to kill time or learn something new. There are tons of categories including health, culture, entertainment, history, fun stuff, and more so you never know what you might get!

We clicked through only a few times and here’s what we got:

Every Second – A site that counts (in real-time) different things that are happening on Earth every second like lightning strikes, meteors entering the atmosphere, and km moved relative to the Sun.

30 Years of American Anxiety – A analysis of 20,000 letters that have been sent to advice columns in the United States.

Seeing Earth From Outer Space – A history lesson about human efforts to capture pictures of the Earth from space

There are over 1800 sites on Stumbled right now (and growing) so head to the website and start stumbling.