Submit your nominations for the Mayor’s Innovation Awards 2020

For the third year in a row, the Mayor’s Innovation Awards will be recognizing businesses, individuals, and organizations whose innovative approaches and sheer determination contribute to a resilient foundation for the City of Barrie.

The four categories of this years awards are:

Creative Collaboration

Recognizing two or more companies/organizations that have forged an alliance and reached new heights or achievements that they couldn’t have alone. Contributions may be across sectors, industries, geographies, or verticals; milestones may span the development of new products, services, supply chains, operations, and beyond!.

Pivot Point

Recognizing a company or organization that has discovered and pursued opportunity(ies) to grow in unexpected directions when faced with market or operational challenges. They have assessed, adapted, and evolved with key changes to their business model or processes that show promising results.

Community Impact

Recognizing an organization (public or private) or individual that has stepped up to proactively build connection, resilience, and morale among Barrie residents, businesses, and/or cultural communities. Nominees may come from any sector or sphere!

Shift Disturber

Recognizing an individual who has championed innovation in their organization or community. Where others see opposition, they see opportunity. This individual is a powerhouse of creative problem solving, shaking up norms and spearheading strategic solutions in the midst uncertainty.

Nominations will be open until December 17th so be sure to head over to the Invest Barrie website and submit your picks!

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