Summer will have some sizzle: Environment Canada’s David Phillips

Summer holds the promise of being warmer than normal

If you like your summers a tad on the muggy side, Mother Nature may just make it happen.

Environment Canad’s David Phillips has been doing some crystal ball gazing and the computer models suggest summer will be warmer than normal.

Summer officially arrives just before supper hour on Saturday with all the fixings—hot, hazy and humid.

Reflecting on spring, Phillips said it was cooler than normal and there was more snow in May than in April. The Polar Vortex paid a late spring visit last month and dropped about 16 cm of snow on Barrie on May 9.

The rebound has been impressive. Phillips said spring has already had five days above 30 Celsius. Normally, there is a handful of days in summer where the mercury reaches 30 degrees or more.

Phillips said more heat and humidity can also fuel severe weather. He said expect our share of lightning and drenching rains.