Sundance Film Fest 2022 is here and doing some pretty cool stuff online

Talks, events, and of course, films!

The Sundance Film Fest 2022 kicks off today with a huge amount of movies, content, and interactive elements to check out online.

While some might be a little disappointed by an online-only event (again), they’re really taking advantage of the opportunity to do a lot of things you’ll only get with the format.

First off, it should be no surprise that Sundance is the world leader when it comes to showcasing independent cinema from across the world. This year you’ll be able to check out both U.S. base and international documentaries, along with gripping dramas with subjects ranging from the only all-women thrash band in the Middle East to an examination of the new social media sensation, TikTok.

Up next is something they are calling the “New Frontier”. This special group of programs all experiment with and subvert traditional storytelling at the crossroads of film, art, and media technology. It is a virtual space that can be explored freely using your computer, phone, and even through your VR headset! Most shows have a scheduled premier time and then are available to watch on-demand until the festival is over.

The final piece of the Sundance puzzle is Festival Village, the hub for their partner community. Events, offers, and talks from partners and collaborators like Creativity and Collaboration: Empowering Every Voice, NPR Live Talks, and Latino Filmmakers Network’s Our Road to the Sundance Film Festival.

We might finally get an in-person event next year, but until then, the Sundance Film Fest 2022 has shaped up to be quite the event. You can grab tickets for certain events here, but much of the content is free to check out.

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Film fans, don’t miss out on all the fun! The Festival is on right now until January 30.

Featured image: Sundance via