Police on the hunt for suspect following south Barrie fire

Search for suspect prompted hold-and-secure state at Warnica PS

Barrie Police say a suspect is still on the lam following a structure fire on Thursday afternoon.

Emergency crews were called out to the area of Yonge Street and Big Bay Point Road with reports of a house fire in the area. A fire was contained to the porch of the Yonge St. home, and it is unclear what caused it.

Meanwhile, police say a suspect wanted on an unrelated matter was spotted in the area while first responders tended to the fire. Officers began a search of the area, resulting in a hold-and-secure at nearby Warnica Public School. All of Warnica’s exterior doors were locked up tight as a precaution, as is generally the case whenever there is a threat or incident in the area of a school.

Barrie Police spokesperson Peter Leon confirmed to Barrie 360 a suspect is still outstanding, but their identity is known to investigators.