Take in the 9th Annual Coldwater Steampunk Festival

It's a Victorian-futuristic steam-powered alternate reality you need to see.

This picturesque riverside town just outside of Barrie is about to be transformed into a Victorian-futuristic steam-powered alternate reality. The 9th edition of Coldwater’s Steampunk festival runs August 9th and 10th. Organizers say the free event has a spectacular lineup of new wonders.

The Steampunk Store in Coldwater, Ontario
The Steampunk Store in Coldwater, Ontario.

FThe free spectacle is worth the short drive from the city. Those involved prepare costumes and magically transform the main drag.

What to do: Festival Rundown

Scream Shack has a big surprise for you on Main Street this year, plus hands-on interactive fun at the Biosphere Art Installation beside the barber shop. 

For the Kids Meet Smartie and Skittle, life-size giraffes and hear the story of Canadian Anne Dagg, The Woman who Loves Giraffes, as we help to spotlight saving this beloved African animal from extinction.

Over 150 artists, and makers will delight you with quality handmade goods. Clothing, corsets, accessories, furniture, jewellery, art, food and whimsical creations along with authors, storytelling and readings plus a whole lot more can be found spread out throughout the entire village.

Watch dance theatre shows by Motus O under the big top at Canadiana Museum, along with new escape rooms and a Mystery Quest. 

See talented entertainers, artists, artisans, creative demonstrators, displays and guest authors…there is truly something for everyone, including plenty of hands on free activities for kids including lego, eco-play and dragon egg decorating.

Enjoy the acoustic vibes at the Canadiana Museum to the soulful vibrations of Jeff Burke on Theremin on Main Street, plus a variety of pop-ups and buskers all around, including Fire Shows end of day.  Enjoy the live bands on the Mill Street stage, with the headliner… “African Dance Ensemble”

Craft Beer Add-ons include craft beer tasting by Flying Monkeys at Coldwater Bowling Alley

Vintage Cars – Vintage Car Show 9 a.m. – 3 p.m August 10th

Returning attractions include Russell Zeid, Mental Floss and The Metropolis Robot project. Behind the Mill see Birds of Prey from the Wye Marsh (sorry no dogs at the bird show please).  We are excited to partner with PRNT Collective, demonstrating on the Main Street opposite Teapot Racing!

Tributes to Stan Lee, Afro-Futurism and North-Simcoe’s Black history, plus Indigenous storytelling will amaze you.  

New behind the Mill this year is the Midland & District Model Train Show. There is so much to tickle your steampunk fancy, and so much to see and participate in, you can’t see it all in one year! Don’t forget to enter the costume contest on the Mill Street stage at 1 p.m. 

Free Shuttle Busses

Free shuttle busses transport people between the activities in the centre of town and those at the Canadiana Pioneer Museum which enhances the experience with the “Lion Tamer” interactive show of live animals from Hands on Exotics.