Teen Accused of Pointing Replica Gun at Officer in Bradford

Two Youth Facing Charges

A young man is facing some serious charges over a mishap with a fake gun.

Two South Simcoe Police officers were combing an abandoned building on Dissette St. in Bradford Wednesday afternoon, in the search for a teen who had been reported missing. While inside the structure, a noise was heard from behind a closed door. After knocking and announcing police were there, the officers opened the door, only to find themselves staring down the barrel of what appeared to be a semi-auto handgun.

The missing teen and another were arrested on the spot. After being taken back to the station, it was determined the gun was a replica. An 18-year-old Bradford man facing charges including Pointing A Firearm, Break and Enter, and Mischief, while a 15-year-old is also facing charges related to the weapon and breaking and entering.

“It is only by the grace of God no one got hurt. It is very difficult, if not next to impossible, to differentiate between a replica handgun and a real one – especially when staring down the barrel of one,” said Deputy Chief McElary-Downer. “We urge parents to caution your children about the dangers of showing or brandishing imitation guns in public.”

Police report seizing the replica handgun, along with a long gun pellet gun, a slingshot, and a knife.