The Barbell Academy is Hosting A Fundraiser Dedicated to First Responder & Military Suicide Awareness

Featured Workout to Honour Fallen Hero and Raise Funds

On Saturday, February 9th, The Barbell Academy will be hosting 4 charity “Workouts Of The Day” (WOD) inspired by, and in memorial of, Chad Michael Wilkinson.

Chad Michael Wilkinson served in the US Navy for 22 years.

Wilkinson was a member of the US Navy who served for 22 years. After he died by suicide on October 29th 2018 on active duty, CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro posted a specific workout in Wilkinson’s memory.

The “Chad Michael Wilkinson” WOD is:

1000 step-ups for time on a 20″ box wearing a 45lb pack (male) or 35lb pack (female).

Dave Castro spoke out about Wilkinson’s death saying, “We lost an American hero.” In the Navy, Wilkinson was highly respected as a mentor, instructor and brother in arms. At his funeral, Wilkinson’s wife mentioned that her husband used to do 1000 step-ups with a 45 lb pack on a 20″ box to train for climbing Mt. Aconcagua.



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É de sábado mas já é #tbt! #CHAD #Wilkinson concluído com sucesso 🙏 colete de 10kg (no oficial era mochila de 15kg fem / 20kg masc 😳) em ⏱️77’46 😅 • O wod: 1000 step ups na caixa de 50cm (20 polegadas) em homenagem a #ChadWilkinson ⚓️, fuzileiro da marinha dos EUA, amigo do tio @thedavecastro, que se suicidou em 29/outubro. Ele fazia esse wod pois estava se preparando para escalar a maior montanha da América do Sul, Aconcágua. • Quem mais fez? • @coach_henriquelias #Crossfit #CrossfitProtegat #CrossfitLovers #Crossfitters #Crossfitteiros #CrossfitGirls #CrossfitBrasil #Crossfitlife #ChadWilkinsonWod #ChadWilkinsonMemorialWod #Wod #WodChallenge #CrossfitForLife #beU

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Since establishing the Chad Wilkinson WOD in 2018, people from all across North America have participated in memory of the fallen hero.

The Barbell Academy is hosting a day dedicated to the Chad Michael Wilkinson WOD not only to bring awareness to suicide and mental health concerns of emergency first responders, but also to raise money for the cause. Each entry will be $15 and 100% of the funds will be donated to #IVEGOTYOURBACK911.

This event is open to everyone. Prizes will be available from Lululemon Barrie and 5.11 Tactical, including the workout packs used during the event.

Spice up your weekend workout with something different, challenging and meaningful!

There are 4 time slots available. For more info and tickets, click here.