The Best Pizza In Barrie That Isn’t From A Pizza Place

Be a "weird-dough" with these peculiar pizza picks. (Was that too cheesy?)

Everyone has their favorite pizza joint and most people will dig a trench and defend that choice without quarter, but did you know that Barrie has a ton of hidden pizza gems you haven’t even tried yet? Here are a few of Barrie’s best slices from restaurants without even having the word pizza in their name!

Redline Brewhouse

You may know Redline as a craft brewery and rightly so because they make some of the best beer in the area, but did you know that they also make a killer pie? Wrap your lips around the Northbound with mushrooms, bacon, beer chicken, and Clutch BBQ drizzle or the Cadillac with Spinach, mushrooms, roasted garlic, asiago, and pesto. Bring an empty stomach because since you’re there, you might as well enjoy some craft beer with all that pizza!


Speaking of craft beer, another Barrie brewery also has some fantastic pizza. Check out Barnstormer’s Co-Pilot with goat cheese, zucchini, roasted red pepper, portobello mushroom, and basil pesto, or if you like a little heat, try the Spicy Flying Pig with Italian sausage, hot banana peppers, green olives, and goat cheese. Did we mention how well craft beer and pizza pair together?

The Italian Eatery

If you’re looking for great pizza, how could you forget to check out some Italian restaurants! First up is The Italian Eatery with everything from classic pepperoni to the Quattro Stagioni with Artichokes, Italian prosciutto, green olives, mushrooms, and basil. The hotheads can also get there fix here with La Diavola with hot soppressata, hot peppers, and hot salami!


We all know that Italian pizza is the best so why rock the boat? Nino’s has been satisfying taste buds since the ’70s with its authentic flavours and warm, unpretentious atmosphere. Head in and taste their appropriately named Nino’s Special Pizza! It is loaded with pepperoni, salami, mushrooms, green peppers, bacon, mortadella, and ham!

You can always pick a safe choice like Reginos, Pizzaville, or Cocelli pizza and believe me, you won’t be disappointed, but why not try something different? Not to mention you can impress all your friends with your off the path pizza recommendations!