The Best places to get an entire pizza, just for yourself, during the lockdown

We'll take 3.14 of them...well, better make it 4.

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that usually means you have something on your mind and it’s time to order some food. Barrie is chock-full of amazing pizza and the fact that you’re going to eat the entire thing yourself will be our little secret.


If you’re in a hurry and want a slice of pizza you have to accept that speed usually compromises quality. Not so with P_zza. There specially designed ovens cook pizzas in only minutes and with tons of toppings and fluffy dough with just the right amount of crunch, these quickly made pizzas are more delicious than they have any right to be!


Speaking of specialty ovens, P.I.E cooks their pizzas by wood fire which gives them a very unique favour. Try it once though, and you’ll likely be hooked. They even have a takeout special right now called “The Almost Essential Pack” which includes any two pizzas on their menu plus a 20 pack of beer or a 1.5l bottle of wine! Sounds like a perfect night-in to us.

Jimmy Chews

The big envy subbed with Ezzo pepperoni.

Posted by Jimmy Chews Primo Pizza on Saturday, August 17, 2019

When it comes to pizza, Jimmy Chews is nothing if not honest. With their slogan “No Crap Toppings” you don’t need to look between the lines to know what you’re getting and that’s quality ingredients on amazing dough that is cold-raised for three days. Get a made to order pizza or one of their “half-baked and uncut” pies that is ready to eat after popping it in the oven for 5 minutes.

Pizzeria Italia

Family owned and operated since 1966, there’s a reason Pizzeria Italia has been a Barrie staple for so long. Authentic Italian pizza so good, you’ll swear you got it from the heart of Sicily. Available for delivery or pick-up, we promise you that this is one mouth-watering pizza you’ll be glad not to share with anyone!

Nino’s Italian Restaurant

Don’t think for one second that you’re short on options for authentic Italian cuisine in Barrie. Nino’s Italian Restaurant is another fantastic family-owned restaurant with superb pizza. With the hockey season kicking off, a few delicious pies from Nino’s will make the game awesome whether or not your team pulls off a win.

The Italian Eatery

Are you beginning to sense a pattern yet? Just because The Italian Eatery is one of the newer kids on the block doesn’t mean they make anything less than a fantastic pizza. Made with fresh ingredients and traditional Italian recipes, one bite and you’ll be saying “this pizza is absolutely delizioso”. As a bonus, you really should end your meal with one of their truly amazing desserts!

Cocelli Pizza

Sometimes, simple is best. Forget all the bells and whistles, strip away all the pomp and frills. Pizza doesn’t need to be fancy, it just needs to be good and boy, oh boy, is Cocelli Pizza good! Simple, fresh, and delicious ingredients cooked to perfection on a bed of dough, sauce, and cheese, either picked up or delivered right to your door. Don’t mind if we do.

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