The Jetson ONE: Have you always wanted your own personal hovercraft?

Well, get ready to fork over some cash.

Swedish company Jetson is taking pre-orders for a new personal electric air vehicle called the Jetson ONE, and we definitely want (need) one.

After completing a proof of concept version back in the spring of 2018, the company has been busy working on a consumer-friendly version of the vehicle. Well, that version is now available with a limited number of pre-orders up for grabs (only 3 left, last time we checked).

The all-electric vehicle is powered by 8 motors with a flight time of around 20 minutes (which takes 1 to 2 hours to fully charge, depending on the outlet). It can zip across near the ground at a speed of 102 km/h or fly to a height of above 1500 feet. Jetson is also quick to point out a number of safety features that come standard on the vehicle:

  • Race car-inspired spaceframe safety cell design
  • Hands-free hover and emergency functions
  • Ballistic parachute with rapid deployment time
  • Can fly safely with the loss of one motor
  • Triple redundant flight computer
  • Lidar sensors driven terrain tracking and obstacle avoidance

Here’s the rub: They aren’t cheap.

A pre-order for one of the 2023 chassis will cost you a $22,000 deposit with a final $70,000 payment once the Jetson One is ready for delivery at the factory.

Recently, Cadillac also showed off its new line of concept HALO vehicles, one of which was a VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) vehicle. This one uses something they’re calling “Verty Ports”, where vehicles would meet you to pick you up and drop you off across different rooftops. Unlike the Jetson ONE, however, the HALO vehicles are merely concepts, only made to show off Cadillac tech with no real intention to create a production version.

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While 100,000 is way out of reach for most people, hopefully, this idea sparks more financially available versions to spring up in the coming years. After all, haven’t we all dreamed of having our own personal flying machine?

Featured image: Jetson ONE via