The New Norm for retailers. What will it look like?

"It's going to be really interesting to see the degree to which we want to return to the bricks-and-mortar environment"

It’s been a few weeks now since our buying habits changed.

Some of us are still opting to shop in person at grocery stores, but others have taken advantage of online ordering and curbside pick-up. And we’ve been ordering online from retailers that have had to shut down their physical premises temporarily.

Could this be the new normal when we finally get out of the lockdown?

Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman says it’s going to be interesting to watch…to see if there’s a rush back to a bricks-and-mortar environment, “You know, anything that makes life more convenient I’m going to bet on, and curbside and home delivery – especially in the retail sector – it is more convenient. And if the costs are comparable, I think that’s going to be one of the big areas of change we’re going to see.”

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Lehman expects there will be fewer tables in restaurants, at least initially, as physical distancing continues. And he says it may be some time before grocery stores peel those distancing stickers off their floors.

feature image via Pixabay