The Roadway Is No Place For Golf Carts, Says OPP

Cart Driver Could Face Charges

A reminder here from the OPP: golf carts are not roadworthy.

While there are a number of new types of vehicles on the roads these days, like e-bikes and what not, the OPP points out these qualify as Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) as they have specific features: odometer, speedometer, windshield defrosting and defogging systems, and doors for occupants.

A golf cart lacks all these features in most cases, and as such, the driver could faces charges including:

  • Operate motor vehicle on roadway with no automobile insurance ($5000 fine)
  • Operate motor vehicle without required equipment
  • Operate motor vehicle with no Vehicle Permit
  • Operate motor vehicle on roadway with no driver’s licence (applicable to youth with no driver’s licence)
  • No odometer