The Salvation Army will be forgoing physical kettle locations this year

For its annual Christmas Kettle Campaign

While there will still be plenty of ways to donate to the Salvation Army this year, unfortunately, dropping money into a physical kettle won’t be one of them.

“As a way to keep our volunteers and donors safe, and in listening to elected officials’ instruction for people to stay home, our leadership team at The Salvation Army’s Bayside Mission felt it best to keep our physical Kettles in storage this year,” says Captain Stephanie Watkinson, Executive Director at the Mission.  “We love the tradition of the Kettles and the interaction between our volunteers and donors, but we want to be extra cautious.  We are confident, however, that citizens will continue to support our work, and show their desire to invest in the strengthening of their community.”

The good news is that there are still plenty of ways to support the Salvation Army:

  1. Donate online at and search for the BBMC
  2. Traditional Mail: Barrie Bayside Mission Centre, 16 Bayfield St, Barrie, ON L4M 3A4
  3. Drop off donations directly to the BBMC
  4. Call BBMC at 705-728-3737 and donate via a credit card

While the annual Christmas Kettle campaign looks a little different, The Salvation Army is confident that it will reach its goal of $600,000.

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