The world’s first drive-in art exhibition is coming to Toronto

Immersive Van Gogh without ever leaving your car

With strict limits on public gatherings due to Covid-19, Lighthouse Immersive had to get creative by mashing together two concepts to create the world’s first drive-in art exhibition.

“Gogh by Car” converts a former Toronto Star printing press into an expansive venue that will accommodate up to 14 vehicles per timeslots where participants will park and enjoy a 35-minute show featuring light, sound, and art from one of the greatest artists of all time without ever leaving their car.

“Presenting cultural events during this time of COVID-19 is an incredible challenge and we are saddened to see the cultural calendar in Toronto diminished as almost all arts institutions have cancelled their events and laid off their artists and staff,” said co-producer Corey Ross.  “We believe in the power of art to uplift, inspire and connect communities and it is more important than ever to offer a creative outlet for Torontonians to escape and recharge during this unprecedented global crisis.”

Buying a ticket for the “Gogh by Car” exhibition also gets you a free ticket to the immersive Van Gogh Exhibit once it is safe to open.

Featured image courtesy of Atelier Des Lumieres via