There’s a goose on the loose

but there's no need to be concerned

A wild goose has been spending days outside of Hitch City in Barrie, walking, honking, and staring at its own reflection. They thought his family might have forgotten him when they flew away, so they started calling him Kevin.

We reached out to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and they gave some insight into the behaviour. “Geese mate for life and when an adult loses its mate, either due to natural mortality or hunting, it can spend some time searching for it. It’s possible this particular goose may see the reflection in the glass and potentially think that’s his or her mate.”

They went on to recommend that no one should feed the animal as that will encourage it to stay. If it shows signs of injury (or if you ever see wildlife with signs of injury), you can contact a local wildlife rehabilitation site and you can find a list of sites here.

So, don’t worry. With no injuries (and stunning good looks), Kevin is sure to move on and find a new mate soon.