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Things You Need to Know If You’re Planning a Wedding in Barrie This Year

Make Your Wedding Dreams A Reality

Have you or someone you know recently “put a ring on it”? If so congrats! Now it’s time to plan the big day. Sorting through all of your options can be overwhelming, so we’re here to help you get started.

We’ve highlighted some of the best Barrie has to offer in the wedding industry including venues, photographers, florists, designers and more!

This Barrie 360 feature is presented with the Diamonds and Dreams Wedding Show.


1. The Barrie Country Club

Capacity: 250

The main room features floor-to-ceiling windows and a wrap-around deck to enjoy a beautiful view overlooking the golf course. Options are available for both indoor and outdoor weddings.

The Country Club promises a “one wedding” guarantee, meaning they will never book more than one wedding at once to ensure they can focus all their attention in one place.

Image Courtesy of Barrie Country Club

2. Southshore Community Centre

Capacity: 225

If you’d like to get married in the heart of our beautiful city, look no further. The Southshore Community Centre is located in prime downtown Barrie with incredible views of Kempenfelt Bay.

Image Courtesy of Victoria Delkus Photographer via Facebook

3. Belcroft Estate

Belcroft Estate is a place where rustic dreams come to life! This location offers two stunning venue options including the “Century Barn” and “Marquee Tent”. The property is full of beautiful sights and endless photo opportunities.

The Century Barn
Image Courtesy of Belcroft Estate and Event Centre via Facebook


1. Darlington Studios

This husband/wife duo bring a significant amount of experience to the table in both photography and cinematography.

We specialize in weddings and engagement sessions for modern couples. We love to create a fun, relaxed atmosphere, while capturing timeless memories of your wedding day. “

– Darlington Studios

2. Rowell Photography

Rowell Photography is a team with over 15 years of experience based in Barrie, but available worldwide. They aim to make every couple’s photographic experience a unique one.

The photographs I create are a combination of real moments, fun relaxed couples and families, placed in front of stunning backdrops. The best photos, for me, are the ones that tell who the people are without necessarily spelling it out.”

– Ryan Rowell of Rowell Photography

3. Phil Steingard Photography

You can trust you are in good hands with this studio that has over 20 years of experience and 1000 weddings under their belt.

“We want your wedding to be better than you ever dreamed it could be. The strength and passion in our photography comes from our ability to let your story of love shine through our work.”

-Phil Steingard Photography

Image Courtesy of Photopil Steingard Photography via Facebook


1. Country Meat Cuts

Country Meat Cuts has been providing the highest quality of meats and homemade food for over 40 years. Their standards are high with a promise to offer only air chilled, grain fed poultry and Canadian grade “A” beef, which has been aged 21 days or more. Their dinner menu has a list of choices including vegetarian and vegan options.

One couple who hired Rafi and his team from Country Meat Cuts to cater their wedding said, “The food was absolutely DELICIOUS! We received so many compliments and many people went up for seconds and thirds.”

Image Courtesy of Country Meat Cuts via Facebook

2. Holly’s Sweets and Eats

Most people know Holly’s Sweets and Eats as a delightful all-scratch bakery in the South end of Barrie, but what some might not know is that they also provide incredible catering services! You can expect the same high quality and delicious taste from a catering menu with Holly’s as you would enjoy in-store.

Image Courtesy of Holly’s Sweets and Eats via Facebook

3. Craving’s Fine Foods

Craving’s uses fresh and organic ingredients to create customized catering menus for up to 500 guests. The chefs prepare dishes packed with colour and many degress of complimentary flavours.

Specializing in flexibility and versatility, Craving’s can cater to any dietary concerns or preferences for every occasion.



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A post shared by Cravings Fine Food (@cravingsfinefood) on

Design and Decorating

1. Fresh Events and Design

The team at Fresh help to transform your vision for the big day into something spectacular and heartwarming. From bouquets and centre pieces, to lighting and backdrops, Fresh will help you choose all the right pieces for a stunning and memorable wedding.

2. Posh Beyond Events

Posh Beyond Events offers services in planning, design & decor and florals. The team prioritizes organization and the fine details. They aim to help you discover what’s stylish and modern while remaining elegant and classic.



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A post shared by Posh Beyond Events (@poshbeyondevents) on

3. Pastiche Events

Pastiche Events help their clients to create weddings that are unique, stress-free, well managed and beautiful.

This team takes care of the fine details so that you can focus on what really matters. They offer a variety of packages you can choose from including planning and design services.


1. Thistle and Birch

Thistle and Birch strive to not only design stunning florals and arrangement but to also treat your special day with love, passion and creativity.

“I have seen Kayla’s work at many events including baptism, weddings, showers and funerals. Her creations are always beautiful and creative. I have hired her in the past and she is always professional and reliable.”




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A post shared by Thistle & Birch Floral Studio (@thistleandbirch) on

2. 19 Melrose Flower Studio

This floral studio has perfected their design process. Step 1 is to design a bouquet to go with not only the bride’s dress but also the style, colour and season of the wedding. From there comes the design of boutonnieres, attendants’ bouquets and corsages.

Once the theme has been established from these steps, the florists design the perfect centerpieces and decor to tie everything together in one collective and stunning look.

Image Courtesy of 19 Melrose Flower Studio via Facebook

3. Art in Bloem

This award-winning team share a passion for floral design and over two decades of experience to the table.

“Visionaries. Their professionalism and general human kindness is equal to their talents as designers.”


Wedding Attire & Formal Wear

1. Loved Again Bridal

This boutique, located in downtown Barrie, offers a growing selection of once loved wedding gowns, Mother of the bride and bridesmaid dresses. You can enjoy the excitement of picking out a designer gown without the stress of breaking the bank.

Image Courtesy of Loved Again Bridal Boutique via Facebook

2. Brides Studio

Brides Studio specializes in one-of-a-kind bridal accessories including garters, jewelry, vintage handkerchiefs and more! All items are original designs and handmade with special attention to detail.

3. Timpano Suit and Tux

Timpano has suits, tuxedos, shoes and acessories to match every style. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, they also have flexible rental services available. Browse their site ahead of time and shop by colour or style to narrow down your search.

Image courtesy of Diamonds and Dreams Wedding Show via Facebook

Unique Vendors

1. Glam On The Go

This full service beauty team offers makeup and hair services in the most adorable and convenient setting. Their mobile trailer is a unique and relaxing space for you and your bride squad to get “glammed” up.

The main make up artist and hair stylist has over 14 years of experience with a history of happy, gorgeous clients to show for it.

Image Courtesy of Glamour On The Go via Facebook

2. Smirkin’ Photo Booth

Photo booths are becoming an increasingly popular trend at weddings nowadays but this particular one is like no other.

Smirkin’ Photo booth provides the same fun opportunities and quality pictures you’d receive from any other photo booth with a fun twist.

These incredible local vendors are just a brief glimpse at some of the options you have in regards to planning an unforgettable wedding. It can also be helpful to visit local wedding shows to meet with available vendors first hand.

Check out Diamonds and Dreams Wedding Show at the Holiday Inn in Barrie taking place February 24th for a closer look at the possibilities for your special day.