Thousands of dollars’ worth of heroin, fentanyl, cocaine seized during Sunday afternoon traffic stop in Midland

Two men charged

Tens of thousands in drugs are off the streets after a traffic stop in Midland.

Officers pulled a vehicle over around 12:30 Sunday afternoon, with the vehicle pulling into a mall parking lot at Seventh Avenue and Yonge Street.

Officers probed the driver and passenger, saying that led to the arrest of both. The two were taken to Southern Georgian Bay OPP detachment for further investigation, while officers say about $14,950 in heroin was seized, along with $12,900 in fentanyl, and $2,900 in cocaine. A fully loaded semi-automatic handgun was also seized.

A 24-year-old from Stoney Creek and a 23-year-old from Hamilton are facing a long list of charges including violating parole, possession of a firearm, trafficking, and possession of stolen property.