TikTok user mistakenly gets 30 pounds of cheese from online order

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A women’s TikTok video has gone viral after an extra, extra, extra, cheesy post.

The Colorado woman posted a video of the 30 pounds of cheese she got from her grocery store. You read that right. 30 pounds!

She actually ordered .25 pounds online, but whoever was behind the deli counter that day misread the instructions, leaving the customer with enough cheese to clog the whole neighbourhood’s arteries.

The video starts off with her showing the amount she usually orders, compared to two gigantic bags she received.

@courtneydeemss When I ordered .25lb of cheese and Walmart sent me 30lbs @Walmart #walmart #walmarthaul #doesanyoneincoloradowantcheese ♬ original sound – Kneely_Knight

One user asked what I was thinking too.

“How far into that sliding process was someone like, ‘hey, this seems like a lot. Should we call and check this one?’

Another user said “That substitution would put me in debt.”

While another stated what we are all feeling.

“I just got constipated watching this.”