Tony Hawk’s 100 weird blood infused skateboards are already sold out

Skateboard legend gives up his blood (and soul).

We’re not sure why anyone would think they needed one, but skateboards infused with Tony Hawk’s blood sold out almost instantly after going on sale.

Partnering with Liquid Death Mountain Water, already known for their rather odd (but eye-catching) marketing techniques, Tony Hawk donated two vials of his own blood to the project. The blood was then mixed in with the paint used to make the limited edition boards. Only 100 of these strange items were made and each one cost $500, but that didn’t stop them from selling out almost instantaneously. The good news is that some of the profits will go to support 5 Gyres, a non-profit taking action against plastic pollution, and will also help build skateparks in underprivileged communities.

In an interview with CNET, a representative from Liquid Death said “Tony Hawk is a member of the Liquid Death Country Club, so he previously sold his soul to Liquid Death via a legally binding contract, meaning the brand technically owns Tony’s blood.” After Tony Hawk insisted no one uses the boards for nefarious purposes, Liquid Death joked, “Although it could arguably make the world a better place, never ever use these boards to make clones of Tony Hawk.”

I think we can say without a doubt, this is the weirdest way anyone has ever tried to sell us water.

Featured image: Liquid Death via