Toronto Star: Canada Emergency Response Benefit for all, even if you don’t qualify

Toronto Star reports there is a verification process, just not right away

That was easy. Maybe it was too easy.

Social media lit up this week with people sharing stories about how they managed to score several thousands of dollars through the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).

As it turns out, according to the Toronto Star, every person who applies for CERB is automatically approved, even if they don’t qualify.

The Star reports the process to apply can be completed in minutes and those who set up direct deposit will get money within a few days. Eligible applicants can keep the payment but it will be considered taxable income.

The newspaper warns there is a catch if you think the federal government is going to overlook money you should not have received in the first place. There is a verification process, just not right away. If it is later discovered an applicant was not eligible, the taxman will want his money paid in full when taxes are due for 2020 next spring.

The CERB program provides $2,000 per month for four months to those who apply, or $500 per week, and is retroactive to March 15.