Town of Innisfil takes the wraps off new Pride Crosswalk

New crosswalk blends several flag designs together

You’ll cross over the rainbow as you enter Innisfil Beach Park from now on.

On Wednesday morning, the Town of Innisfil officially unveiled its new Pride Crosswalk, not far from the main entranceway to the park.

Innisfil Mayor Lynn Dollin was joined by members of Innisfil Pride and UPLift Black in the unveiling of the crosswalk. “We’re excited to celebrate a milestone in the history of our town as we reveal the first Intersex-inclusive Pride Crosswalk in Simcoe County, and what we believe to be the first Intersex-inclusive Pride Crosswalk in Canada,” said Dollin. “Thank you to all who attended the unveiling, embraced our new crosswalk, and showed up to support the 2SLGBTQI+ community.”

“We are grateful to be a part of such an accepting and inclusive community and thank the ideaLAB and Town staff for their support in bringing our ideas to life,” said Jake Tucker, Co-founder of Innisfil Pride. “We are committed to striving for a more inclusive and diverse Innisfil and look forward to working together on many projects in the future.”

The Town says the crosswalk sends the message that, in Innisfil, you can walk proudly knowing that you have the freedom to be yourself. The design incorporates elements from artist and intersex spokesperson Valentino Vecchietti’s design which brings together activist Morgan Carpenter’s intersex flag design from 2013, and artist Daniel Quasar’s Pride Progress flag design of 2018.

Behind the colours (via Town of Innisfil)

Each colour of the flag holds meaning:

  • The six horizontal colours of the traditional rainbow pride flag represent:
    • Red: Life
    • Orange: Healing
    • Yellow: Sunlight
    • Green: Nature
    • Indigo: Harmony
    • Violet: Spirit
  • The Black and Brown Chevron represents people of colour, those living with AIDS, and those no longer living
  • The Pink, Light Blue, and White Chevron represents the trans community
  • The Yellow Triangle with Purple Circle represents the intersex community