Townhouse Development Would Back Onto Highway 400

Five-Structure Complex Would Contain Seventy-Eight Units

A proposed 78-unit townhouse complex could find a place near the 400 and Anne Street overpass.

Barrie City Council got a first glimpse of the 5-building complex at Monday night’s regular meeting, a development that would front the southern side of Edgehill Drive. Each structure would be about four storeys tall, and overlook the Anne St. overpass. There would be 78 underground parking spots too, said to maximize the use of the space.

An overhead view of the proposed space shows how close to the 400 it would be.

Mayor Jeff Lehman questioned why the buildings need to be packed so close together. Darren Vella, representative of the developer, says the windows of each are staggered so that everyone gets privacy.

Mark Childs, who would neighbour the development, is worried about what the extra traffic would do to an already busy Edgehill Drive.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”It just seems like a spot where people are going to get hurt. Especially kids going to school in the morning, coming out of that busy place with 78 cars coming out. It’s already a busy street. “[/perfectpullquote]

The Monday night meeting surrounded a zoning by-law amendment request that would allow for more density on the land than it currently allows. It’s up to city staff to look into the request and report back on its merits.