Trampoline sent flying as evil wind wreaks havoc across Ontario

Trees uprooted, power lines toppled

The wind warnings and advisories have been lifted but there will still be a stiff breeze today – up to 60 kph in some places.

The highest wind in our region Sunday was 91 kph at Lagoon City. Base Borden recorded 83 kph. It got up to 140 kph in Niagara Region.

As of 6 a.m., there were still a number of power outages being tended to, mostly in rural areas. There were a couple of small pockets (20 customers each) in Barrie.

In addition to knocking down trees and power lines, the wind left the Travelodge sign at Bayfield Street and Highway 400 teetering, and an Innisfil resident posted a picture on Facebook of a trampoline straddling the fence between two yards. At Park Place in Barrie Sunday evening, crews in ‘cherry-picker’ trucks were installing Christmas decorations.

banner image courtesy Maria Gucciardi