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Trending in 2021: What were you searching for on Google this year?

People were concerned about Covid, climate change, and...y2k?

With 2022 just around the corner, it’s time to find out what we were typing away into google this year and see what was trending in 2021.

It seems like, besides Covid, many people wanted to learn the truth about getting rich quickly this year. Three of the top global news spots were occupied by stocks and cryptocurrency. Remember when AMC stock was all the rage? How about the GameStop stock “rocket ship” that ran out of fuel and never quite reached the moon. Finally, who could forget when Elon Musk tweeted about Dogecoin, causing it to jump in value by nearly 900%, before quickly losing nearly all that value a day later.

For movies, it’s pretty much what you expect with one surprising omission. The top 3 spots are all occupied by Marvel movies in the form of Shand-Chi, Black Widow, and Eternals. No surprise there. Dune took the number 4 spot with Red Notice coming in at 5. What is a little surprising is that the biggest movie of the year, Spider-Man: No Way Home didn’t even crack the top 5. People really wanted to stay spoiler-free.

The questions people had for Google this year also shed a light on our at-home experience along with what seems like a genuine interest to learn more about vaccines, acceptance, Canada’s painful past, and, of course, getting rich.


  • Why did Prime Minister Trudeau call an election?
  • Why were Residential Schools created?
  • Why is it so hot in British Columbia?
  • Why is lumber so expensive?
  • Why did Simone Biles withdraw?

How To…

  • How to get a vaccine passport
  • How to buy Dogecoin
  • How to make money from home
  • How to book a COVID vaccine
  • How to register to vote in Canada


  • What is Squid Game?
  • What happened to Gabby Petito?
  • What is non-binary?
  • What percentage of Canada is vaccinated?
  • What is shorting a stock?

This year also saw some record-breaking searches. Some are not surprising (and actually quite fantastic to see) and others might have you scratching your head. Here what was trending is 2021 that outpaced other years in Google Trends history:

  • The world searched for affirmations more than ever before.
  • There was more search interest for sea shanties this year than any other time in Google Trends history
  • The world searched impact of climate change more than ever this year
  • The world searched love you in sign language more than ever before this year.
  • When is nurses week was searched at an all-time high in 2021 around the globe
  • This year, the world searched for how to maintain mental health more than ever before.
  • Pride events near me increased +5,000% worldwide.
  • The world searched y2k more in 2021 than ever before.
  • In 2021, the world searched for missing indigenous women more than ever before in Trends history, with Canada searching the most.
  • Search interest in red light green light and honeycomb cookies reached a record high worldwide.

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To say 2021 was another interesting year would be an understatement. It’s easy to categorize it as just another pandemic year, one that most will want to forget. However, progress can sometimes be hidden in the margins and while we certainly wanted to have some fun (and sing sea shanties for some reason) Canada and the World were clearly interested in opening up their mind to new things, ideas, and points of view.

What were you searching for in 2021? What else do you think was trending in 2021?

Featured image: PhotoMIX Company via pexels.com