Trio Of High Miler Charges Laid

Can't Outrun the Radar Gun

South Simcoe Police kept the ticket books busy with a spate of speeders lately.

The first speeding ticket was handed out around 9:30 Wednesday morning; officers had the radar gun out on Dissette Street in Bradford, when a vehicle approached, allegedly at a high rate of speed. Police say a 24-year-old Cambridge man is accused of hitting speeds of 104km/h in a 50 zone.

Later that day, a speed enforcement check was set up at 5th Sideroad, where police say a vehicle approached at a speed of 123km/h. The speed limit is 80 there, with a 26-year-old Chatsworth man not only facing a speeding ticket, but also is charged with driving with a suspended licence.

The most recent of the three speeding tickets was handed out Thursday morning; police say a 25-year-old Innisfil man hit speeds of 139km/h while the speed limit sign read 80.

In all three cases, licenses were suspended and vehicles were impounded for seven days.