Two Barrie-area boys raised $2,415 at their Midhurst school to save the polar bears

A total of $2,415 was raised and donated to Polar Bears International

A student run fundraising initiative has raised a total of $2,415 to save the polar bears.

A project Regan Garner did about polar bears in Grade 4 was the launch of something even bigger for him and his pal Grant Trumble. Now into year three, the grade six students host a Polar Bear Awareness Day at Forest Hill Public School in Midhurst.

The event was scheduled for one day after International Polar Bear Day, February 27, but was postponed due to inclement weather and bus cancellations.

In total, Regan and Grant’s initiative raised $2,415 to donate to Polar Bears International.

“We realized what was happening to the polar bears and climate change, did some research and decided to make it a day.” said Trumble.

Garner says they looked over the project and saw the bad things that were happening to them and for the last three years have been doing days for them.

The kids scouted around for an organization to donate the proceeds to and decided on based in Churchill, Manitoba.

Both boys have a real fear what the impact of climate change will mean for polar bears.

“We are really scared,” said Trumble. “If this keeps happening over the years then in 10 or 20 years they could go extinct.”

On Friday, students and staff at Forest Hill are encouraged to celebrate the polar bear by wearing something white.

Grant and Regan have also been selling white chocolate polar bears and milk chocolate fish, with the fish symbolizing the food the bears eat.

“We have lots of kids buying them. They are excited for the day.” said Trumble.

Their project has no end date. In fact, they would like to tie in their polar bear project and enlist firefighters as part of next winter’s polar bear dip, and a GoFundMe page is also in the offing.