Two-Storey Drop Caused Suspect’s Injuries, Not Police: SIU

Special Investigations Unit Terminates Probe Into January Arrest

The SIU says Collingwood OPP didn’t cause a suspect’s injuries, the ground did.

The province’s police watchdog has finished looking into the injuries sustained by a 36-year-old man during an arrest in Collingwood on January 30th, clearing officers of culpability and terminating the investigation.

The SIU says officers went knocking on the door of a Collingwood home that afternoon, looking for a man accused of violating conditions of his parole. Instead of answering the door, it’s said the 36-year-old man jumped from a second floor window instead. After his arrest, and complaining of pain in his ankle, the suspect was taken to hospital where it was discovered he had a fracture.

The SIU says the fracture was the man’s fault, not police.