(VIDEO) ‘No plate, no case? We’ll see about that.’ York Regional Police TikTok video takes jab at alleged street racer

In-your-face videos allegedly produced by a suspect who is now facing charges of stunt driving and dangerous driving, and getting a taste of his own medicine.

The 22-year-old Aurora man is accused of posting videos of himself in races across York Region.

Details of his arrest were released by York Regional Police (YRP) on Friday, along with a parody video uploaded to TikTok.

The original videos posted by the suspect were captioned “no, OPP/YRP/Peel ain’t catching this.” In the YRP video, a car similar to the one in the original videos is seen being taken away by a tow truck, with the caption, “caught ya.”

“In April 2023, investigators with the York Regional Police Road Safety Bureau – Regional Enforcement Priorities (REP) Team received information about a male posting social media content that displayed him in street racing activities across York Region and other parts of the Greater Toronto Area. The driver frequently featured himself operating a blue 2022 BMW 5XG sedan, racing on public highways, boasting about evading police and bragging about getting away with it,” police said in a news release on Friday.

The vehicle allegedly had no front plate and fake licence plates attached to its rear, reading “WILL RUN” and “SMURFY.”

Investigators said some videos showed the suspect in street races with other vehicles on Highway 407 and Highway 404, as well as other public roadways.

“He was seen driving dangerously, side-by-side in close proximity to other vehicles, stopping in live lanes of traffic and travelling at high rates of speed,” the news release stated.

The videos were posted between Apr. 1 and Aug. 12.

A search warrant was executed at the suspect’s home on Aug. 16 and various items were seized, according to police, including fake licence plates and electronic devices.

The suspect is facing three counts of dangerous driving and three counts of stunt driving.

His driver’s licence was suspended for 30 days, and the BMW was impounded for 14 days.