W3APONS Single “Off The Top Of My Heart” Is Independently Charting

Top 30 in the Canadian active rock charts

Featured last month on Barrie 360, rock band W3APONS, with Barrie Drummer Tallus Scott, charted at number 28 in the active rock category. At the time, W3APONS were the only independent band on the charts with their single “Off The Top Of My Heart”.

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Tallus Scott grew up in Barrie and was full of nostalgia when talking about the city saying “I have lots of fond memories living in Barrie, spending all of my paperboy money at Beaver Comics, summers at Centennial Beach, swimming at the Allandale Rec Centre or hanging at the old arcade at the 5 points”. Tallus still comes to Barrie often to study music, have fun in the city, and visit his dad who started him on his musical journey. “Barrie has always felt like home to me”.

Be sure to check out the single and keep an eye on their Facebook page for the next time they come to town. It’s a show you definitely don’t want to miss!