Warner Bros sued over same-day release of The Matrix Resurrections

Seems to be a running theme these days.

One of the production companies behind The Matrix Resurrections is suing Warner Bros for its same-day release of The Matrix Resurrections on HBO.

In a story that is becoming a staple in Hollywood, Village Roadshow is less than happy with Warner Brother’s (which runs HBO Max) decision to release the newest Matrix film on their streaming service the same day it was to start its theatrical run.

“WB’s sole purpose in moving the release date of ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ forward was to create a desperately needed wave of year-end HBO Max premium subscriptions from what it knew would be a blockbuster film, despite knowing full well that it would decimate the film’s box office revenue and deprive Village Roadshow of any economic upside that WB and its affiliates would enjoy,” the suit said, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

This isn’t the first bit of trouble Warner Bros has gotten into over the subject either. In late 2020, they announced plans to release all of their films on HBO Max at no additional cost. After the announcement, Warner Bros was forced to pay out over $200 million to disgruntled stars and filmmakers.

You may also remember the high-profile suit that Scarlett Johanson filed against Disney for their decision to release Black Widow the same day on Disney Plus. In both cases, sales at the box office would be directly diluted thanks to the ability to stay home and watch the film instead.

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Neither Warner Bros nor its parent company Warner Media has responded or made a comment on the lawsuit yet.

Featured image: Warner Bros via youtube.com